Galmet® Spraypaint – Fast drying, high gloss enamel for most metals


Galmet® Spraypaint is a fast-dry, high gloss steel and structural enamel used as a general purpose industrial finishing coat.

Galmet® Spraypaint is formulated to provide a tough exterior coating to protect and beautify metal surfaces.

Galmet® Spraypaint is available in Brunswick Green, Black Gloss, Black Satin, Bright Red, Flat Black, Golden Yellow, Ocean Blue, Pewter Grey, Silver & White Gloss

Package Sizes


Code Pack Size Colour SDS TDS
GSPBLA350 350 g Black high gloss colour SDS TDS
GSPBSA350 350 g Black satin colour SDS TDS
GSPBRA350 350 g Bright red gloss colour SDS TDS
GSPFBA350 350 g Flat black colour SDS TDS
GSPGYA350 350 g Golden yellow gloss colour SDS TDS
GSPOBA350 350 g Ocean blue gloss colour SDS TDS
GSPPGA350 350 g Pewter grey colour SDS TDS
GSPSA350 350 g Silver colour SDS TDS
GSPWA350 350 g White high gloss colour SDS TDS
GSPBGA350 350 g Brunswick green gloss SDS TDS