What is the result of protecting metal with Galmet?

By protecting the metal used in structures, plant, machinery and across all other applications we can significantly reduce the cost of asset management, maintenance, repairs, assessments and their associated downtime.

Whilst the Steel Fabrication, Utilities, Agricultural and the Oil and Gas industries all look to gain considerably by protecting the metal used, it is Mining and MRO which look to benefit most due to the self-healing mechanism of Galmet ColdGal which reseals a scratched treated surface.

Galmet metal protection products are also simple to use and ideal for industrial applications where optimised protection is required.

Case Study – Galmet ColdGal

Case Study – Galmet DuraGal

What are the cost savings?

It is estimated that the annual cost of corrosion for the Australian economy lies somewhere between AUD$13 and AUD$32 Billion dollars.

What products should I use to protect metal?

Galmet offers a number of metal protection solutions and provides different levels of protection depending on your application.

Choose your level of protection.