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Molybond Lubricants

ITW Polymers & Fluids manufactures Molybond lubricants from its head office at Wetherill Park, Sydney NSW, Australia. The Molybond brand encompasses a comprehensive range of molybdenum based specialised lubricants suited to MRO, Mining, Heavy Engineering, Earthmoving and Defence industries. These include anti-seize compounds, bearing and open gear greases, wire rope & chain lubricants, oils & oil supplements, rockdrill and hydraulic oils.

Molybond began as a manufacturer and supplier of automotive lubricants containing molybdenum disulphide at Steelweld Fabrication, West Footscray, in 1957. The range began with an anti-seize paste, several bearing greases, and a powder based surface application.

The Molybond brand made significant progress in the development of its technology with the commissioning of the grease manufacturing plant in 1992. This allowed Molybond greases to be formulated using the latest technology, and from this came the launch of Molybond TSG which has now established itself as one of the best performing lubricants on heavy duty mining applications.