Safety Data Sheets

Code Name Description Pack Size Colour SDS TDS
RP501008 - RP501066 Assembly Paste (GA50) Assembly compound containing 50% molybdenum disulphide 100g - 500g SDS TDS
RP351787 CDC Drill & Casing Thread Compound 20kg SDS TDS
RN500912 Dry Film Lubricant Spray (122L) Dry film molybdenum disulphide spray 300g SDS TDS
RG503089 Dry Rope & Chain Lube Dry film lubricant for dusty environments 20L SDS TDS
RK311557 GC10 Grease High temperature clay base grease containing 10% moly 450g SDS TDS
RP351072 GOG Drill Rod Grease Anti-seize compound and drill coupling lubricant 2.5kg SDS TDS
RP351587 GOG-1 Pumpable anti-seize compound and drill coupling lubricant 20kg SDS TDS
RK353857 - RK353887 Opal Hi-Load (TPG) Total plant grease containing molybdenum disulphide 450g - 20kg SDS TDS
RY460610 Opal Tufgear Open gear grease 900g SDS TDS
RG202589 Rope & Chain Oil (RCO) Rope & chain oil containing molybdenum disulphide 20L SDS TDS