FOODLUBE® Multi Paste – Food grade, white, non-toxic, lubricating paste for use in food, pharmaceutical and other clean industries


Rocol® FOODLUBE® Multi Paste is a superior performance, white, food grade, non-toxic, anti-seize and assembly paste developed for protecting & lubricating fasteners and lubricating bushes, slides and small open gears in the food and other clean industries.

Designed to operate across a wide temperature range and is particularly suitable for stainless steel fasteners used in high temperature applications.

FOODLUBE® Multi Paste is also suitable for use as a food grade drilling, tapping and cutting lubricant, particularly when maintenance has to be carried out in the process area.

Non metallic anti-seize


Package Sizes

85g - 500g

Code Pack Size Colour SDS TDS
RY15750 85g Smooth, white paste SDS TDS
RY157524 500g Smooth, white paste SDS TDS